Do you want safer, more effective and
much more profitable flight operations?

Crops, Locust Plagues & Wildfires continue to grow at night.

Low-flying aeroplanes must be able to operate safely at night, too.

SOFI adds ‘drone’ capabilities to existing aeroplanes.

This unlocks the option to fly 24/7.

Ag Aerial Application at night

Aerial Firefighting at night

Aerial Mapping/ Monitoring in all weather

Small or large aircraft (cargo) in remote places





Better Results (less wind, no bees/birds)

Reduced Carbon Emissions & Wildfire damage

Data science 24/7, including below cloud

Serve more communities, profitably

SOFI Ready-to-Fly

We can provide you with a truly multi-role Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA), ready to fly.

  • Locust Spray- night/ day
  • Aerial application – food crop protection
  • Aerial Firefighting- night/day
  • Aerial Mapping- any time
  • Surveillance/ Monitoring/ Communications
  • Remote Cargo delivery- unprepared strips
  • Disaster Response- air drop

Our aircraft can land in 500m long rough areas: on a dirt road, a mountain or a runway. 
It can fly for 8 hours/ 1500km/ carry 1200kg.

SOFI for Ag  

You can upgrade your current Ag aircraft into an Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA).

  • Better business (double revenue, lower insurance, faster ROI on your assets)
  • Happier customers (better results at night)
  • Happier suppliers (more application)
  • Happier family (safer)
  • Happier environment (bees/birds/drift)
  • Better future

If your aircraft fleet are manufactured by Air Tractor, Pacific Aerospace or Thrush, SOFI is an excellent choice for your business assets. 

SOFI for Any Aircraft

SOFI will soon be suitable for every FADEC-engined aircraft (incl. Part 25).

  • More capability for your fleet
  • Unlock revenue opportunities
  • Faster ROI on assets
  • Extend the useful life of assets
  • ESG-alignment
  • Moving with industry
  • Protect your future

Please get in contact with us if your aircraft fleet can be optimised further. New STCs require engineering resources, so start today! 

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What’s the point in giving my aircraft ‘drone capabilities’?2021-09-26T08:54:08+00:00

If you can’t currently fly (at low level) at night or in bad visibility/low cloud, that’s at least half of the time you’re missing out on revenue. Plus the outcomes for your clients, the environment and communities are much better if you can operate effectively at night.

Can I still fly my aircraft with a pilot onboard?2021-09-26T08:53:54+00:00

Yes, SOFI preserves the original functions (optionally piloted). This provides maximum flexibility so that you can still do what humans do best (rapid response/ spontaneous action).

When will you deliver SOFI to us?2021-09-26T08:54:15+00:00

We are working with pre-certification customers at the moment.

For those that will need a certified product, we expect to have an STC in the USA and New Zealand by early 2023 (under FAA regulations).

How far away can I be from the aircraft?2021-09-26T08:55:23+00:00

You can remotely monitor your aircraft from anywhere in the world while sitting at the Ground Cockpit, which comes standard with SOFI.

Do you need to be a qualified pilot on type to monitor SOFI-aircraft?2021-09-26T08:54:35+00:00

At this stage, yes. This is because when handling abnormal situations via datalink, prior experience is beneficial in understanding what the best outcomes should be. Autonomy continues to improve and will, soon enough, deliver a system that doesn’t require any pilot monitoring/ intervention.

Who will train my organisation?2021-09-26T08:54:53+00:00

We will help you establish your operations anywhere in the world. Certain jurisdictions have limitations on what can be done, so please contact us with your needs.

How will I load my aircraft remotely?2021-09-26T08:55:14+00:00

This will be covered by your own SOPs. Until loader drivers/ cargo handlers/ technicians are done by a robot, people will still go on site to load the aircraft.

Are you trying to get rid of pilots and do them out of a job?2021-09-26T08:55:30+00:00

Pilots will still be an essential part of many operations for many more years. So there is no panic! This is a great opportunity for pilots to up-skill early in the transformation of the industry, and to build safer and more profitable businesses.