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Better Data.

Better Networking.

Better Decisions.

If you just had the data at your fingertips, you could make the decision you need to make for the situation that you’re faced with.

But most data is provided at ground-level, and it takes a long time to get hold of.  A bird’s eye view, using RGB, infra red or multispectral, can really take you to the next level.

Perhaps you could buy a drone, get training, register, develop procedures & maintain- but that’s probably not your core business. Skybase provides Drone Data as a Service so that you can get back to making better decisions, now.

Mapping Data

Agricultural, Environmental,

Civil/Construction, Mining,

Council, Agency, Government.

Monitoring Data

Real-time data to monitor your environment.

Tactical or persistent ISR, deployable.

Day or night, good or poor weather,

Airborne Networking

We are world leaders in airborne mesh networking. We make Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) and multiple aircraft C2/data possible for Mapping and Monitoring. Discuss with us.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Our headquarters are in Christchurch, New Zealand, however we also have footprints in the USA, Australia and Indonesia.

We have Operator Certificates from the regulators to fly in all of these jurisdictions, on very advanced permissions. We are among a small handful of operators, anywhere in the world, able to provide the services that we do. And we do so very affordably.

Trusted to serve major organisations. And small ones.

Mapping Services

What separates Skybase mapping from all others is the speed, quality and affordability, all packaged into one.

Most multicopters can cover about 65Ha (Hectares) in a flight. With our fixed wing VTOL aircraft, we can cover 650Ha, at higher resolution or 1300Ha at 10.5cm GSD.

We can provide:

  • LiDAR data (ultra high resolution)
  • Orthomosaic Maps (RGB, Multispectral/ Near Infra-Red)
  • 3D point clouds/ models
  • CAD maps
  • Infra-red mapping (still or realtime)
Monitoring Services

Monitoring is useful for all kinds of industries- environmental, oil & gas, security, policing, fire fighting, search and rescue, border patrol, and military.

Skybase can provide:

  • Day/ Night Operations
  • Low-visibility/light rain
  • Beyond Line of Sight
  • Mesh Networked operations
  • Full interoperability- with your existing equipment and other airspace users
  • STANAG 4609 compliant metadata

The A-Team

A team of A-Players becoming an A-Team. World Experts at aviation, mapping, surveillance, networking, aerospace engineering. Connect with us to learn more about the amazing backgrounds of our A-Team.

Contact Us

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NZ: +64 3 669 0036
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IDN: +62 812 804 8710
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