So, we’ve not really posted anything on the website for over 12 months. Why is that? Well, we’ve been too busy! The good news is that we have good news and we are now positioned to make a big impact on aviation and on the world. The next post will show how our technology stack can begin to Unlock Aviation’s Full Potential (this is our vision).

The new team is also growing and in all the right ways. We have the best minds in the right locations around the world, all contributing at break-neck speed, even in a COVID-lockdown world. In June we began our next stage of flight testing, and while planning is the essential step before any success, when you actually have success it’s still a pleasant surprise! We are enjoying the fruits of good planning and design and there are some incredibly exciting breakthroughs that we will share in due course.

We also note that there are a couple of other companies coming to New Zealand to explore similar sections of the market. This is great news as it means that the industry is reaching a tipping point where it is no longer seen as a highly speculative investment- from a capital or government-agency perspective. The future of aviation is unmanned, and Skybase is proud to be in the lead pack.

I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of getting back in the air to remind myself of what it’s like to be actually airborne (as opposed to operating from the ground). I can confidently say that an off-board automated/autonomous system can do it much better than any onboard pilot- no matter how highly trained! The exception to this is, as aviators know, when abnormal and emergency situations occur. This is when pilots ‘earn their keep’.

We will try to keep this website updated so that all of you on our mailing list are feeling fully informed and energised to support!

Stay healthy.