We focussed on providing you with the following services:


Data Delivery

Defence, Security, Events


Using advanced ISR platforms and networks to deliver the data that you need to make command decisions.


Our specialists have Defence and Security backgrounds ensuring that the quality of the output is what you expect.

We work BLOS (radio and visual).

Payload Delivery


Humanitarian and Commercial applications.

Payload delivery is less about the actual assets in use and more about the logistics supply chain. This is where you will see the biggest difference working with Skybase- our experience at moving stuff from A to B.

We work BLOS (radio and visual).

Framework & Support

If it flies, you need to work with the regulator.

If you have something new, you need business development and evangelism.

If you want to create the future, you need to join those focussed on New Flight.

Working with Skybase really is an End-to-End experience.

Their experience is evident.

The team takes care of everything and our unique requirements are being met.


I joined Skybase because I wanted to be part of a team that is doing exciting things with what the founder terms,        “New Flight”- it’s only 30 years or so before the vast majority of aircraft are pilotless and aispace is managed autonomously. 


The existing career expertise and credibility at Skybase brings certainty to an otherwise uncertain industry.

Trust in those that you have trusted before, that’s why we will continue to work with Skybase.