Great news for New Zealand councils- through an application to the Provincial Growth Fund, you will be able to get a 50% rebate on aerial lidar for your areas of responsibility. However, you need to apply by 1st March 2019 to be able to get your rebate this year, else you may have to wait until 2020 for a rebate (but of course we could still provide you the data now).

We can help your GIS teams with the problems of data freshness and quality. No more waiting!

Skybase Mapbits can get your areas up to 5000Ha or corridors up to 500km mapped with lidar faster than manned aerial lidar providers. We can fly under the cloud, we can fly at night and at low level, we can fly in areas that manned aircraft can’t access. Of course, manned aerial lidar is useful, and will remain so, for larger areas. However if you prefer to go with manned aerial lidar, you will need to be prepared for much lower point density (5pts/m^2 is typical) compared with Mapbits lidar (typical minimum is 50pts/m^2, and up to 300pts/m^2), and you will also need to be prepared to wait for collection, processing and delivery- sometimes as long as 6 months. Mapbits can be there next week (weather and road access permitting) and give you the data the week after.

That’s why we are faster than anyone else.

This is a game changer for GIS teams, who need to make decisions NOW, especially in New Zealand with earthquake affected regions, bushfires (lidar is great for fire mapping & response planning- see our next article), and for flood mapping in urban, coastal or flood plains areas.

The other thing is that we can colourise the lidar with ortho photos, ranging in a GSD from 2cm to 15cm, at only a small additional fee. This makes it much easier for GIS teams to analyse the data and as the photos and the lidar is fresh, it gives your GIS teams the decision making ability they need. This shown below is colourised lidar, it is NOT photogrammetry!!


How it works


  • We help GIS teams by getting them ultra high resolution lidar data ten times faster and ten times higher quality than manned aerial lidar  (at least 50pts/m2 vs 5pts/m2) .
  • Typically, GIS teams would wait up to 6 months for lidar data capture and then another 6 weeks for data processing and delivery.
  • We can be there within a couple of weeks (subject to weather, road access), and deliver the data a week later.
  • We specialise in areas up to 5000Ha, or corridors up to 500km, and especially in areas that manned aircraft can’t typically access due to terrain/weather.
  • For our Mapbits product, we can provide a Speed + Quality guarantee.



  • Our pricing model is based upon the mobilisation costs, total area/distance, the terrain/complexity, how fast we need to deliver the data and finality the quality required. ‘
  • Through our Speed + Quality guarantee, our customers can ‘insure’ themselves against problems that may arise- and the guarantee is simply a loading placed upon the quote for the job complexity.
  • We can work with government or commercial entities.
  • We have monthly subscriptions which include a Speed + Quality guarantee, for regular consumers of GIS data.



ph: 03 9288 0484


  supporting applications to the Link to Provincial Growth Fund website