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You tell us what you need. We make it happen.

In combination with our provider network, we can dliever what you’re looking for.

Everything Drone.

Services: A complete logistics and support package.

Business: Drone Sales. Market analysis. Tenders.

Frameworks: Legal. Insurance. Regulatory. Consulting

Technical: Design or customisation, flight testing, software and apps.

Experience is the Difference.

First Who, then What. Experienced, capable people.

Manned aviation experts with significant unmanned aviation experience makes a powerful team. 

Atypical Solutions.

Payload delivery Beyond Line of Sight (radio and visual)

Data delivery (for high demand/ high processing requirements)

Drone TRUST (the technical airworthiness platform)

Bespoke client solutions.

Register to become a potential client in order to

view mission profiles that might suit your work.


We specialise in working with clients with

Defence, Security, Events, Humanitarian and

other Higher-Risk needs.

Our clients are in the USA, Australia, NZ and Pacific Islands.

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